Rock ‘n’ Roll High School For Adults

Currently on hiatus, this participatory music program is for adults who would like the opportunity to play rock/pop music in a group setting. Many of us began playing an instrument in our teens, gave it up as adult responsibilities claimed more and more of our time, but have always hoped to get back to it. Rock and Roll High School  creates an opportunity to do that. The only prerequisite is a basic ability to play an instrument or the desire to sing.  CHP provides a fully equipped experience complete with drum kit, amplifiers, microphones and extensive sound reinforcement equipment. Each class meets one time per week for two hours. The sessions run for 12 weeks and conclude with class concerts that are free to the public.

Video was created by Larissa Clause.


Below are a couple of videos from previous concerts!

Days of Future Past performing I Got a Line On You

Jurassic Thunder doing Handle With Care

Classes are held  at Stanley Congregational Church in Chatham, NJ.  

What participants are saying:

The class was a gift from my sister and was the best gift ever. It’s a wonderful combination of great music, great people and great talent. I couldn’t be happier. — Carrie

I started playing bass guitar in junior high, and continued through high school.  Then life happened . . .   I’d lost confidence in my ability to play, but always had it in the back of my mind that I’d pick it up again.  Now I’m having fun again! —  Joe

I always wanted to play the bass & now I wish I had started in my 20’s! The people in the group are great& I thank John Fitzpatrick for encouraging me to join. — Lori

After a year of participating in this program, I was able to stop taking anti-depressant medication that I’d been on for years. I attribute the change to Rock and Roll High School for Adults. It’s changed my life. — Anonymous

A great opportunity and experience to work with other musicians with different skills. Not only fun, but educational as well. — Norm


IMG_5209(photo by Michelle Greenwood)

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