Dorvil Brothers Debut Unworkable

In addition to opening the day by singing The Star Spangled Banner, the Dorvil Brothers, Chris and Cory, debuted their original song called Unworkable at the Somerset County DisABILITY Services Fair on Saturday, October 6, 2018.  In this rap song, the brothers rhyme about the reality of what they are capable of; so much more than many people expect! Cory and Chris also sang their original tribute to their mother, Dear Mama.

“Dear Mama and Unworkable were each the result of several months work; an entire process of brainstorming ideas, writing and refining lyrics, and then recording and re-recording,” said John about the experience. “The Dorvil brothers and I struggled mightily along the way, got on each other’s nerves, pushed each other and, finally, arrived at a finished product that made us proud of ourselves. Sharing these two songs with their mom and their extended family was icing on the cake.” And now we’ve shared them with the world. Congratulations, Cory and Chris!

The Coffeehouse Project was also represented at the Fair by the Second Story Band, performing their versions of rock ‘n’ roll tunes from The Ramones’ Rockaway Beach to The Partridge Family’s I Think I Love You.

You can listen to Unworkable here: