“On the Road” Music for Wellness

We believe that music programming is vital for senior citizens and for people with special needs. We also recognize that transportation is often an issue and can bar people from participation. That’s why The Coffeehouse Project is happy to bring our Music for Wellness programs directly to you.

Music for Wellness Programs

  • Multi-week Performance Oriented Programs – This is great for groups who are looking to achieve the satisfaction of working toward a common goal as a team.
  • Participatory Music Workshops – This program is less structured and better for groups that are looking for a joyful music making experience, without the pressure of a performance. CHP has most recently held these programs in the Somerset County Senior Wellness Centers and at The Arc in Morris and Somerset County.
  • One to One Music Enrichment – The Coffeehouse Project can also offer music making to you on an individual basis if you are not able to join any of our group programs. John Fitzpatrick brings musical experiences to your home based on your specific interests and needs. Contact us for details: jfitz@thecoffeehouseprojectnj.org.

I’ve been working with intellectual disabilities for over 20 years and i have seen a lot of entertainers in our programs. I want to tell you that CHP is the best hour of music interaction to ever engage my groups. I appreciate your ability to connect with our population and make them part of the show. You do a great job adapting your material to the audience for maximum participation based on their responses and ability’s at a wide range of levels. We feel comfortable with you because you look comfortable with us. Thank you for rocking our world.”

— Gary Traino, The Arc of Morris County

Thanks so much for such a great time you made for the folks at Camplain Rd. ATC!  I enjoyed being there and I can see how your music brings such happiness to all!”

— Lisa Marie Arieno, Director of Foundation Development and Public Relations,
The Arc Foundation of Somerset County

Follow these links if you are interested in learning more about music enrichment for seniors, music and special needs, or community music in general.