Cory Dorvil is Making Beats

Cory Dorvil, one half of The Dorvil Brothers, has been working with me creating beats in GarageBand. For those of you closer to my age than to Cory’s, a beat is a piece of music and “GarageBand is a digital audio workstation (DAW) and music sequencer that can record and play back multiple tracks of audio.” (Thanks, Wikipedia!)

Cory’s been developing his skills using the software and exploring musical concepts like tempo, rhythm, form, harmony, melody, instrumentation and dynamics. He’s titled this piece “Majestic” and, if you take a listen, I think you’ll be able to hear why.


Cory says he likes making beats in GarageBand because he likes the creative process – choosing the different instruments to use and using sound controls like reverb or tone to improve his beats. His favorite part about GarageBand is being able to choose any kind of instrument and tempo that he wants to fit the music he’s creating. 

“When I make a beat on GarageBand I feel like I’m accomplishing something that I enjoy doing and also I have a lot of fun making beats because I enjoy the beat making process,” says Cory. He adds that when he finishes a project he  feels “pretty satisfied… because it means to me that I’m making improvements on making beats.” 

Life goes better with music!