CHP in Action at Mt. Bethel Village

Scenes from a day in the life of CHP’s community music program at Mt. Bethel Village, an assisted living facility located in Warren Township, New Jersey. The Mt. Bethel Village People are a special group of musicians who do not let special needs get in the way of their enthusiasm for performing.

A Black Friday 2014 rendition of “Over the Rainbow”

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3 thoughts on “CHP in Action at Mt. Bethel Village”

  1. Fantastic…working with folks recovering from mental illness, I’ve always found that groups based on music-performing, listening, analyzing, simply being together and enjoying varied musical genres- have always been amongst the most popular groups at all treatment sites. No one worries about ability, talent, background, etc. It’s all about getting together and enjoying the universal language of music to bring us together as human beings who care..

    Any chance of seeing The Mt. Bethel Village People (great name!) performing via YouTube, Facebook, etc.? Any links would be most appreciated!

    • i just want you to know i appreciate so much what you do everyday for our day programmers and residents. you’ve given them a confidence they’ve never felt before not to mention true joyfulness. i can’t stop thinking about corey and that song. it was a beautiful moment in time.
      thank you john

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